Friday, September 28, 2007


TOM- This is my latest contribution to the Shelton Diagram Correspondence Club. I've been getting some really cool drawings in the mail that have been making me want to draw something cool in return! I used this as a good opportunity to mess around with a classic superhero, in somewhat of a classic style. Those guys back then were so f*ckin' good that it makes me sick! Then it makes me want to try harder! I colored it with the same method that i used for my last post, except this time i added a bit of a halftone pattern.

And here is the black and white piece that I sent in the mail. Later.


james flames said...

Tommy Romita!

great brush work dude, but damn - really nice composition. against my usual preference, i actually like the color version better. whoever gets this is a lucky fucker.

Jon Sperry said...

damn - when'd you get sooo good?

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks guys!

Ulises Farinas said...