Sunday, October 7, 2007


TOM- This weekend was the opening of the Box Social show at the Secret Robot Project in Brooklyn, which I was fortunate enough to be a part of. The turn out was really great, and Jason Estrin and everyone else who put the show together did a really great job.

There was a really great variety of stuff up on the wall. I liked the clothes line look.

There's my two page Archie spoof.

The more people that showed up, the hotter it got in there, so...
...the party moved outside. Thanks to global warming, we had a beautiful summer night in October.
The whole outside of the building is decorated with some really cool art. There's Duffy being zapped, along with Neil and Mike.
I really started to like those lightning clouds, so I made a plan to take photos of people underneath them. There's Stephanie and Duffy.

Here's me and fellow cartoonist Hilary.
My lightning bolt plan fell through due to getting drunk and forgetting about it. Here's to openings!

By the way, the show is up 'till November 8 for more info on location and other stuff click right here.


boltalicious said...

GOOD TIMES!. I had so much fun at your show until you became obssessed with those lightening bolts. Seriously thank goodness for alcohol.haha teasing. Your Archie looked awsome there, yay for tomasito.

Jon Sperry said...

Man, that looks like fun. (sigh) I miss New York.

thomas pitilli said...

Yeah dude, wish you coulda been there. If there's another in the near future ( which hopefully there will be), you should ship some stuff in.
That goes for you too Flames.

james flames said...

Word son - just tell me when and i'll drop you some.

looks like alot of fun - wish i was there too. but i should be in town while it's still up - i'm psyched to see all that stuff. congrats on it all, i so love that archie strip. ...when veronica says, "fuck off creep"....

H. Stewart said...

Did they auction off lunches to raise funds? Or was it not really a box social?