Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Rebel

JAMES - this one is another poster for a Local Showcase show at the Orange Peel. as usual, i first went and listened to tunes from each of the bands. i'm already familiar with the Broomstars, cool band that i've seen a few times - they put on a great show - but the other two bands are pretty dope too. i let the tunes play while i sketched, and i came up with two strong ideas - one being a little more abstract and weird, and another being more straightforward and eyecatching. i went with the latter, and started to develop it.

i really wanted the pose to feel right - i wanted the shifting weight in the waist and the motion of the hands to be felt when you look at it. so kendra took a couple of photos while i posed, in my best 'fonzie' pose, and i used it for a reference. i wasn't able to get my body to do the exact things i wanted, but it worked as a starting point and i exagerrated as i drew.

detail shot
the whole thing was done mostly with my brand new #2 brush from Rosemary & Co. i read a few reviews of these brushes and i couldn't believe how reasonably priced they are, especially being handmade and imported from the UK. so i ordered a bunch of different kinds, and though i haven't gotten to really get to know all of them yet, i think i really feel comfortable with the Kolinsky Sable SER33 series #2. i can't recommend it enough - check it out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Self Promotion

JAMES - since new years, i've updated my promotional material. new business card (above) and two new stickers (below). my old stuff needed an update, and besides...i ran out.
the top image was done with many of the same techniques as my recent poster "They Got Me, Jim..." - it was printed digitally, or course, but i wanted to use the same color principals as if it was a screen print. not to mention i figured it's only proper that my business card have a skull on it. the skull/flower was drawn with marker on bristol paper. "eye smoke" lettering was done as vector using the wacom, and the bottom text is a font i've been diggin on lately.

two new stickers, the above one is basically an update of a poster i did for the Walkmen a couple years ago. i wanted to utilize the same premise - antlers spell the name - but change the style/angle/framing. this was done all in brush, #2, on bristol. the final stickers were screen printed by Andy at Diesel Fuel Prints as two colors (black & red), 4.25"x5.5", on white vinyl.

this second sticker came about more by chance. i was working on a pretty ambitious project, and it while i still don't consider it done, it wasn't quite successful. but the cutout of the head was a pretty cool piece of that project, and it looked cool by itself. it's red ink with black ink ontop, on bristol, then cut out in the shape of the head. i scanned the head, making sure the shadow it cast stayed intact, as well as all the dirt around it. then i drew the lettering with red marker on a sheet of vellum, scanned that in. put the two together and sent it off to Diesel Fuel Prints along with the "Antlers". also a two color screenprint, 4.25"x4.25" on white vinyl sticker. if you've bought any posters from me in the past 5 months, either at shows or by mail, then you've already recieved the stickers - i give them out with every purchase. see the link at the top of this page for where to purchase posters.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Peace In/Piece Out

JAMES - It was my pleasure to get to work on another poster for Of Montreal, a consistantly great band with an amazing live show and a pretty dope new album. This was a fun one to work on - here's how it all went down....

original sketch

after a few pages of sketching in my sketchbook, and not getting anywhere, i started to re-explore some recent themes that keep coming up in Of Montreal's music. sexuality plays a huge role in the lyrics and the theatrics of the live show, and especially comes across in the characterization of the lead singer's alter-ego "Georgie Fruit" - sort of a David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust kinda thing. Georgie is a cross-dressing African-american who has gone thru multiple sex changes.
so, with that, i did this sketch straight in photoshop. i loved how loose it was and i decided to keep it like that in the final.

detail shot

the actual illustration was done with a 2-inch brush and some black and red inks, on bristol paper, again retaining the looseness of the sketch. i scanned it in, did the color separations for the screen printing, added the text, and it was pretty much done.

3-color screenprint, full-bleed 18"x24", edition of 100

once again, it was printed by Nick at The Half and Half, and they did a fantastic job as always. it's a 3-color print, full-bleed, 18"x24", and an edition of only 100. the show was last night and it was really amazing, as always. the stage show just keeps getting better and wilder and bigger and crazier. i do have printes left over, and they're up for sale at the, only $20 - click here. they won't last long.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Model Drawing

TOM - Here are some high(or low)lights from the past couple months of model drawing.