Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Double Dippin'/ Philly Street Art

TOM - Didn't get a chance to post this last week, here is an illustration for last week's issue of New York Press. Check out the article here. Also......

...Me and Steph went to Philly this past weekend and saw some pretty cool murals and street art, check it out.

I totally feel like Mike Giant right now!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Meals On The House

JAMES - word to mutha.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NY Times OP-ED!

TOM - Last Friday I got a call from Brian Rea of the New York Times to do do a small illustration for the letter page of the OP ED section. The story was about gas prices getting too high and people resorting to taking mass transit. To be honest, the article could have been about anything, I was just happy to do an illustration for the Times! I only had a few hours to come up with an idea and execute it, but I threw on some Hot Snakes albums and pumped it out (pardon the pun)

Monday, May 19, 2008

R.I.P. Sketchbook

JAMES - that sketchbook i've been using since the fall...the one with the shitty paper...the one with a TON of pages...well, it's finally all used up. there're alot of great ideas in there, but i'm very happy to move onto my new book which happens to have GREAT paper. anyway, before it goes on the shelf, here's a little R.I.P. send-off of some of the better pages that haven't already been posted.
"Jesus Hits Like The Trouble Bomb" September 30, '07

"Octopus" October 11, '07

"Squirt" October 20, '07

ink warmup January 12, '08

ink warmup February 11, '08

ink warmup February 18, '08

Friday, May 16, 2008

Solid State Sabotage

JAMES - this was just alot of fun. the only requirement was that it convey 'rock show'. killer-robot, check. marshall stacks, check. oozing slime lettering, check. rock show. #2 brush and Micron markers on 11x17 bristol.
detail shot

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


TOM - These are three illustrations I did for this weeks issue of Time Out New York. The article was made up of stories about people's extreme adventures in NYC such as jumping rooftops, semi pro wrestling, and discovering old hidden dwellings. I got the call to do these last Monday afternoon, and they needed to be handed in by that Wednesday, so it was a bit of an "extreme adventure" for me as well, but I feel I do some of my most fulfilling work when I'm under a tight time constraint. These were done in my usual #2 brush, ink, and photoshoped color. Check out this issue of Time Out New York on stands now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NY Press

TOM - No, it's not my Mothers Day card for Sunday, it's my latest New York Press illustration. The story is a sons letter to his mother confessing that the "photographer" he told her he was dating was really a Dominatrix. They wanted to steer clear of drawing the actual Dominatrix and instead use it as the theme while focusing more on the Mother/Son relationship. I used Archie Comics as an inspiration stylistically. Read it here.
Here was last weeks NY Press illo. Two girls find out that looking for a roommate can also be a good way to meet guys. Some call it dating, I call it shitting where you eat.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Flame Killahs

JAMES - i know i skipped posting the April '08 Bold Life cover. it wasn't anything special - i'll put up a quickie post soon. this month had a fun premise: the Asheville Firefighter Challenge. instead of picturing the event itself, which i think would be a little confusing as an illustration, i decided to go with showing the heroics of their profession.

the second sketch won, mainly because of the "cute" dog. and i thought it was a good choice, tho i knew the first thing i'd need to do is change that hose nozzle. these Bold Life covers do have to stay kinda PG.

as i've been doing for the most recent covers, i did this at actual size - 11x12.75 on bristol. i realize the proportion of the male firefighter is a little off, his head could be a little smaller - and i know i coulda drawn him a little better. but i think the female firefighter and the dalmation came out awesome. i also knew i was going to try out some new photoshop tricks, so i drew the water with a soft pencil, smudged it out, then went over it with a white-out pen.

detail shot
this is the first time that i feel photoshop was integrated seemlessly into my artwork. i really went to town on the coloring and used alot of new things i learned. i left the texture of the bristol paper in it, and i really tried to be efficient with my use of blue against orange/red, and also the brite-limey-yellow.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mystery Train

TOM - I recently saw a fantastic movie called Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch. The movie is made up of three separate stories that overlap at this one cheap hotel in Memphis Tennessee. All of the stories somehow revolve and connect around Elvis, Graceland, and a mysterious gun shot. I did this illustration based on a scene in the movie in which two Japanese tourist on a quest to Graceland are sitting in a park at night staring at a big statue of Elvis. The girl is completely mesmerized, while the guy who is a huge Carl Perkins fan could care less about Elvis. I'm not really good at describing plots all that well, so I recommend netflixing it. It stars Joe Strummer, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and Steve Buscemi just to name a few.
Check out the trailer here.