Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Double Dippin'/ Philly Street Art

TOM - Didn't get a chance to post this last week, here is an illustration for last week's issue of New York Press. Check out the article here. Also......

...Me and Steph went to Philly this past weekend and saw some pretty cool murals and street art, check it out.

I totally feel like Mike Giant right now!


imaginary blog said...

I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH YOU!!! Why didn't you put up your johnny cash picture...haha....I like how I blend with the wall. MUAH!

james flames said...

the illo is just great man - i love how you used the texture (and that's pencil shading, right?). and the colors are a great choice - really bold and brave. definitely one of your strongest yet.

the photos are killer too - i didn't know you were in philly. and i didn't know they had so much great street art. darren and i were just in charleston, sc and tho there wasn't really any great graffitti art, there were some old school barber shops with paintings on the sides of the buildings that were priceless. of course, i didn't bring my camera.

james flames said...

i forgot to mention how the guy in red (in the illo) looks like a giraffe eating from a tree! great face.

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks. Yeah, that is pencil shading, I've been messing with that and other kinds of textures lately.

Long time no speak, I heard Charleston was fun. talk to you soon. Peace!

Oh, and imaginary blogger: I totally forgot to put that pic up, another post perhaps.