Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NY Press

TOM - No, it's not my Mothers Day card for Sunday, it's my latest New York Press illustration. The story is a sons letter to his mother confessing that the "photographer" he told her he was dating was really a Dominatrix. They wanted to steer clear of drawing the actual Dominatrix and instead use it as the theme while focusing more on the Mother/Son relationship. I used Archie Comics as an inspiration stylistically. Read it here.
Here was last weeks NY Press illo. Two girls find out that looking for a roommate can also be a good way to meet guys. Some call it dating, I call it shitting where you eat.


james flames said...

that top one is very funny, and has a great sense of humor to it. and yes, very archie. good stuff.

tho i have to say, the bottom one is probably not one of your stronger pieces - no dis or anything. the composition is actually pretty cool, very symmetrical and blocked out, almost like beats. and the colors are cool. but i think the straight-up profiles of the three men don't really work too well. that's the only thing that really bothers me. in all actuality, it's a good spot illo - but when you compare it to your other ones, it kinda falls a little short.

don;t hate me.

Jon Sperry said...
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thomas pitilli said...

Yeah, I see what your saying on the Roommate one. I think the highlight of this one for me was the inking and the coloring, but the composition is a bit stiff.

Don't feel awkward Jon, you have my permission.