Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Philadelphia City Paper

TOM - Here is a cover I illustrated for this week's Philadelphia City Paper. It's their Urban Agricultural issue so they wanted do a spin on the famous 'American Gothic' painting, but instead of an old couple on a farm, we substituted a young, urban Philly, hipster couple with the Philly skyline behind them.

I spent a lot of time staring at this painting, trying to capture the posture of the two figures.

I drew the couple separate from the background, so I could give each layer the attention it deserved and then play with the placement afterwards. Here is the couple without the background...
...and here is the background. I drew the skyline freehand at first, but really wanted to push myself to make it as precise as possible, so I wound up tracing my original drawing in Photoshop to give it a real solid structure. This took a long time, but I kinda got into it and really had fun doing it. As you can see, alot of it got covered up when the figures came in, so I figured I'd show off all my hard work here...
Shout out to Reseca and Allie at Philly City Paper, I always have a great time doing work for them! Anyway, if you're in Philly, the issue comes out today, so pick up a copy and check it out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

April Showers

TOM - It's raining here in New York. I want the nice weather back. This was a procrastination drawing I just did. Time to get back to work...Stay dry.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


TOM - Here are a couple more from the series that will be in the show on Friday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gallery Show

TOM - I'll be participating in a group show in Brooklyn this Friday at Aeon Logic Gallery. I'll be contributing three pieces to the show which will be a continuation of my Fuzzy Dress series. If you're in the area, come by to the opening this Friday and say hi. Here's all the info.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Sketchbook Drawings

JAMES - Sometimes, it gets so busy that I don't get to set aside time to do some sketchbook stuff. And that totally sucks. Anyway, I've gotten to spend some good time lately with my book, and as always, it always loosens me up - helps get shit out of my head, and have a little fun. And these were all totally fun (which I think is pretty obvious). 20 points to anyone who gets the "Rib Eye Steaks" reference.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I got some Nerve

TOM - Here are a couple recent illustrations I did for Since it's always a square format, I try to challenge myself to come up with interesting compositions within the confines. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it keeps it interesting and keeps me thinking which is always good. Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Complex

TOM - Throughout the winter I did a few spots for Complex Magazine which will appear in the next few issues during the summer. Here is the first one I did for their current issue. It's a small, funny piece about how to spot a weed dealer on spring break.

More stuff on the way soon. Also, now you can follow me on my Twitter page as well as become a fan on my Facebook page. Until next time!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At Dawning

JAMES - Monday night was another great show, this time Yeasayer played the Orange Peel. I was on hand, selling a portion of my posters at the show, and I sold every one I brought with me. As always at shows in Asheville, I met a ton of great people. It was a blast. I have some more of these prints that are now available to buy online - get it here:

This was another poster that I drew like forever ago. I think it was late January when I finished this - and now going back and looking at my original sketch ideas brings it all back to me. You can see the succession of ideas - I really loved the posture of the creature, and I knew that's what I wanted. The rest was just figuring out the placement and the colors.

I actually kept the sketch version of the creature as-is for the final - I liked how loose he was. And so to contast it, I re-drew the clouds and the lettering on paper, scanned it in, then traced it line-by-line with vector, making those lines really clean and crisp. I used this great "Orange Fizz" paper from French Paper, and it worked out great - every single color is so bright and saturated, totally jumps out.

4-color screenprint, 18.5"x24.5" full bleed, on 100lb Orange Fizz French paper, edition of 75

I used this great "Orange Fizz" paper from French Paper, and it worked out great - it's a four-color print, and every single color is so bright and saturated, totally jumps out. You can buy them here while they last:

Next is Beach House on April 30th - pretty psyched. See you there.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Revenge of the Cobra Kai

JAMES - Another new poster, this one for King Khan and the Shrines, one of the best live acts out there now. This is my second poster for them, and it's always a good time drawing stuff to go with their music. 20 points to whoever can correctly identify the reference of the name of this poster, "Revenge of the Cobra Kai" (no Google cheating!).

The Orange Peel wanted a full color poster to promote the show, so going into it I knew I had a full palette to work with. But first I worked out the blacks & whites. From the photo above, you can see the evolution of the sketches, from itty bitty thumbnail scribbles in pencil, to a succession of marker drawings. I knew it was missing something, and adding that cobra, and the heavy black contrast, really brought this one home.

The final illustration was done with brush and ink on bristol paper, and some marker for the lettering. Then I scanned it and colored it in Photoshop. I had done some quick color studies in the sketch phase, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

These posters are not for sale, as they were intended only for promotion, and there wasn't enough time before the show to do a proper screen print. But I will be including a free black & white version of this poster with all orders from my store or on Gigposters - or

Oh, by the way, I'm now on Facebook and Twitter. Click the little buttons at the top right of this page to find me!