Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fever Dreaming

JAMES - My latest is a poster for No Age, for their show this past Saturday at the Grey Eagle here in Asheville. The show was awesome - they totally killed. There was a crazy video/light show projection on them, and they closed with a Black Flag cover of "Six Pack". Pretty badass. They're way cool dudes too - it was a great night.

The poster itself is inspired by their song "Fever Dreaming", and it's a 6-color screenprint. The ones that I have left from the show are now available on my site for 20 clams each: - and they have a little Glow-in-the-Dark action too. Here's a little about the process of making them:

Original Sketch

I started with a real simple sketch - I've had this idea of a dude throwing up his own brains for awhile now, but after listening to their new album "Everything In Between", and especially the song "Fever Dreaming", I thought that word balloons would work even better.

Ink Drawings

I drew the main dude twice - once with a marker (on the left) and once with a brush (on the right). They both had cool and different aspects to them, especially the way the line quality affected the flow, so instead of choosing one or the other, I scanned them both into Photoshop and composited the two into one crazy drawing.

Word Balloon Cut-Outs

I wanted the rest of the image to be made with all cut-outs. Similar to some of my previous posters, I wanted to photograph the cut outs and incorporate the natural shadows they create into the poster. In order to get a true sense of shadows and layering, I cut each word balloon separately, then stacked them on top of each other. The photo above shows all the individual cut-outs.

Lettering Cut-Outs

Then, to cut out the lettering. This took forever, but it came out way cool. When I brought the lettering cut-out photo into Photoshop, I loved the jagged edges of the lettering, but the shadows they created started to make the whole thing a little muddy. So I kinda just used the letters straight, no shadow. Coulda saved me time if I new that before-hand, but it was worth a shot.

Detail Shot

I screen printed these as 6 colors over two days.


And here's a taste of how the Glow-in-the-Dark looks. It's not super strong - there's alot of color underneath the "Glowy" bits, so it's a bit muted - but it's cool enough, for sure.

6-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 100lb Sweet Tooth French paper, 

edition of 100, signed and numbered

They're available now in my store - $20 each. Thanks for reading! Lots more to come very soon - I'm cookin' baby!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

PDX Model Drawing!

TOM - So I was finally able to find a spot out here in Portland to do some live model drawing. My friend Jon and I went to check it out this weekend. Our model was great and it was nice to free up and do some life drawing again, it's been too long. Anyway, here are some of the drawings that I did. I apologize for the quality, they were taken with my camera phone!

Monday, January 17, 2011


TOM- Here's a new drawing I made. I enjoyed using acrylic paints to create the 'fur'. The rest is just black ink and it's all on 11x14 bristol. Hope you like it. Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ted Williams

TOM- I'm sure by now everyone is familiar with this guy, Ted Williams. A pretty amazing story about a homeless dude with this incredible radio voice. All it took was one video of him to go viral on Youtube and within days he was appearing on daytime television shows, in talks to become the next voice for the Cleveland Cavaliers and getting offers for voice over work from companies like Kraft. It's good to see a positive story like this getting a whole lot of attention from all over the world. It certainly got my attention and inspired me to draw a little portrait of the man himself. As I was drawing this I couldn't help but think that just a matter of days ago, this man was out on the streets asking for money. Just goes to show how unpredictable life can be, in a good way. If we think we know where we'll be in three days time, we're only fooling ourselves. Go Ted!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

TOM - Happy New Year, everyone! 2011 is going to be a really awesome year, I'm excited
to finally start it! 2010 was a wonderful year full of new experiences, accomplishments, and big changes.

I watched this year end and start a new here in Portland OR, where I’ll be spending the next few months. I’m having a blast so far, it’s an awesome city and a really great place to make art.

However, being away from New York makes me realize just how ‘New York’ I really am. One of the things I’ve realized is that my history, up until this point, more or less lies within the city of New York. All experiences that have shaped me and made me who I am today, occurred within those five boroughs. I’ve realized that New York is more than just the backdrop in the story of my life, it's a major character, sort of my co-star. As people come and go, as jobs change, as apartments change, New York is always there, absorbing each experience deep within it’s concrete and brick. It wears me as much as I wear it. And like the drawing above, it’s written all over me. They’re imprints on my being and they range from the sweetness of a lip print to the pain of a battle scar. Though where I once tried to hide from them, I now wear them with pride and will carry them with me wherever my journeys take me throughout life.

I’m Thomas Pitilli and I represent my city.