Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday A.M. Figure Drawing

JAMES - Today was my last sunday morning at the Art Students League. It's been a great way to start the week, bright and early, great great instructor - I usually do some of my best stuff sunday mornings. I'll have to find an activity to compensate for that when I'm in NC.
These are some pages from the day - each based on a 20 minute session full of various poses. We usually start the day with 20 one-minute poses, followed by 4 five-minute poses, 2 ten-minute poses, and then some long twenties. The ones on top are the five-minute poses, just charcoal on paper. the two below are twenty and fifteen respectively. both with charcoal & acrylic on watercolor paper.

I think the composition of all the five-minute poses is interesting - it makes my eye spin around the center. there's alot to look at, as the whole thing flows all around. My instincts serve me well, as most of that is not on pre-meditated. The two color pieces are pretty weak, I'm still feeling out my colors. Today I realized that when i paint recently, I've been mostly eliminating hard blacks and hard whites, using only color to convey everything. Of course that's the main goal, I guess. But Since black & white are such good friends of mine, without them I leave myself stranded and guessing. So today I resolved to incorporate more of what i'm used to with illustration to the painting. I felt more comfortable, that's for sure. Now i just gotta make it look good.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aw, Honey...Hush.

JAMES - Again with the 8x10, i'm beginning to like this size. It's easier to finish a whole piece in one sitting, stay loose, y'know. Reference came from a great source for romantic illustrations: porn. In the sketchbook page, i marked the time of that frame of the movie. For a split second, a very tender moment, until i exploit it with violence. The ol' sex & violence routine....

No lightbox on this one - that probably also helped speed up the time. #3 brush all the way, except for a nib for the fishnets and marker for the lettering (which i could have done better). "black star" ink, FW Red ink, and blue and yellow Tombo markers. The sketchbook is just pen and marker.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Drive Thru!

TOM- So here is a Pin Up drawing that i did over Christmas
break. I'm very unsatisfied with the way it came out. I've had this whole
' drive thru' concept in my head for a while but for some reason, i just can't get it to work. I feel like it's the composition on this one that is giving me the trouble. The placement of that drive thru sign is killing me, it's kind of just floating there. Also, i was trying to get across a Gil Elvgren kind of feel, but realized that's alot harder than i might have thought. Any help or suggestions would be great, i would like to eventually make this a more polished illustration.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Torn Warning - screenprint

JAMES - well after weeks of experimenting and failed tries, i finished a very nice run of 50 screenprints of my "Torn Warning" poster. my camera is a piece of shit, so most of the pictures may be a little wacky looking, luckily i got to borrow allie's camera for the two good pics (see the top & bottom ones)

anyway, it's white (cream) and black on grey poster board. 22"x14". nice and big. the following pictures show the two films being burned onto the screen, the posters hanging to dry after their respective runs, and the messy table.

so tom (or anyone doing screenprinting), i learned some interesting things this time, that probably everyone else already knows - i patted down the screen with a paper towel soaked in non-amonia windex before the first print, and that kept the screen from clogging; i used corn starch to thinken the ink in the beginning, then let it run a bit more loose once the run got cookin' - plus i kept a ton of ink in the screen at all times; and i put pads underneath the screen on the side opposite the hinges, which kep the screen elevated above the paper equally around - i also sprayed the table under the paper with adhesive and let it dry so it'd be tack-y. both those things kept the paper from sticking to the screen after a pull. the registration is pretty tight, tho not completely consistent.

it's a run of 50, and as soon as i sign and number them, i'll be selling them for $10 (+$5 s/h) - on and thru my site. (UPDATE 1/14: buy them here )

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sketchbook Drawings

TOM- So I decided to post some sketchbook drawings
for my first post. Normally my sketchbooks are a very personal
thing for me, and I don't show many people, but i'm trying to become
more open with them so I could get feedback on them and hopefully
some of the pieces can become finished illustrations or comics
later on.

I try to keep my sketchbooks as free-flowing as possible, that is
I don't really know what I'm going to draw when I open the book.
With that being said, I don't know why I tend to draw alot of open
mouths, plantlife growing out of humans, and women eating men.
I guess there is alot of material there to psychoanalyze...

But most of the time I just like drawing hot chics...
And here are some life drawings that i threw in just to make myself look
like somewhat of a serious artist....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ghost of a Dance

JAMES - for my first post......taa daa. this is an illustration i did for my trumpet teacher, kind-of a holiday/thankyou/goodbye gift. the colors are 'absolute matte' paints watered down to a wash, and my favorite 'black star' india ink, on good ol' bristol with vellum finish, 8"x10".

as usual, i started with loose pencils - minor photo reference for the dancing pose and for specific shape of the euphonium.
and then tracing paper over the pencils for the color study, using markers.
...then to the lightbox and onto the final image. i glued it into a pre-cut black matte i bought at pearl, and i put a piece of acetate over the artwork to protect it. i think it looked pretty good, and i hope he digs it.