Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hellooooo Nurse!

TOM - This was an Illustration I did for this weeks New York Press issue. It was for Kelly Kreths sex column. Check out that article here.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


TOM - It's been a while since I've posted any of my sketchbook stuff, so here are some entries from the past few months...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

New York Press

TOM - The past two weeks I have been busy illustrating some pretty cool articles for the New York Press. This fist illustration was for a story about a woman who falls is lust with some guy in her yoga class, and winds up sleeping with him in a spare room at the Y. Kinky.
The Art Director wanted to keep it PG13, but still get the point across, she had a great idea of showing the couple kissing, while intertwined in yoga contortions.
I drew up a few sketches around that idea. The AD picked the third from the top.
I think this one was the most suggestive of the bunch, and I really enjoyed drawing their body positions.
Colored it in Photoshop, and it was good to go. Check out the steamy article here.
On to this weeks issue... The main idea behind the illustration for this article was to show how the '20 something' generation has become so used to seeing themselves on T.V. due to an overload of reality television, and now internet reality shows. We worked out a scenario where there is a 20 something sitting in her living room, watching nothing but herself on T.V and internet. I came up with a few different ways of composing it, and the AD picked...
...this one. I inked it up,
then colored it. Check out this article here.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sea Creatures vs. Machines

"Eight Arms To Hold You""Plight Of The (Buick) Skylark"

JAMES - two new posters. the requests came in at the same time, so i decided to do them at the same time and integrate them somehow. a very consistant theme in alot of my stuff is water and the sea, so i went with that - and added lots of shredded metal!
and the shows look to be good ones, too, - from NY to NC. both posters are the usual: #2 brush, black india ink ('black star' matte), Tachikawa No.99 nib (a fresh one), some microns, some white paint (my own secret blend), and a toothbrush for the splatter. on bristol paper, vellum finish. the octopus poster had an extra step, since i did a very detailed sketch first, then lightboxed it to a clean pencil drawing (see below). the sharkie was all done on one sheet.

just finished another two posters - this time color. not quite as visually integrated, but they look cool together. i'll post those in a day or two.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Goin' to Rehab.

TOM - This one goes out to Jon Sperry. He has mentioned a couple times that I should do a portrait of Amy Winehouse. It actually was a lot of fun. I had been wanting to do a portrait of a more contemporary musician, since my previous were more ' legends'. But when I would think about it, there's not too many musicians (famous) out there that I admire these days. I happen to really dig her music though. It's soulful and honest. She really doesn't give a fuck, and thats why I think I like her.
She has such a unique face. While gathering up photos for reference, I couldn't help but notice that all her emotions are written all over her face. She truly looks crazy. That along with her beehive hair, skinny body, and tons of tattoos, physically makes her such an interesting character. As well as trying to capture her intense, almost scary stare, I tried to echo elements of her life in the background through classic "old school" tattoos. Tortured love, addiction, 50's pin up appeal.
Here is the pencil sketch, then the inked illustration.
I had drawn the classic tattoos on a separate sheet, then placed them in the background in Photoshop.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And How Was Your Day?

JAMES - a late-nite release to the sketchbook, from yesterday. acrylic, colored pencil, and india ink on paper.