Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up

TOM - Here are some recent illustrations I have yet to post, I figured I might as well throw 'em all up in one big post. Above is this weeks New York Press illo. The author recalls his gonorrhea out break while hiking through the woods. He describes the sensation like a caterpillar crawling around in his pants. Yikes.

Here was one for Time Out New York about a month ago. Girls, don't try to replace your boyfriends expensive coffee with the cheap stuff, he'll taste the difference.
Another for New York Press a few weeks back. What happens when you date someone hotter than you?
And finally, yet another for the New York Press. S&M parties apparently actually exist.
Speaking of New York Press, I have recently become the regular illustrator for the 'Flavor of the week' section., so for those of you in the New York City area, check it out weekly for more sexy drawings by yours truly.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


JAMES - yep.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Win Skim!

TOM - Illustrator/Cartoonist, Jillian Tamaki hosted a fun contest on her blog this week. The challenge was to draw something inspired by her book, 'Skim' and the three finalists would win a copy of that book, along with some other goodies. 'Skim' has been on my short list of books to pick up, so I was totally psyched to find out that I won a copy!
Check out the other finalists here. And check out all the entries here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'Under One Roof'

TOM - Here is a five page comic I did for Ditmas #2. The book is a collection of short stories put together by Brandon Zamora. I worked on this project over the winter, but didn't want to post it until it debuted at Mocca a couple weeks ago. Ditmas #2 also features the work of Edwin Vazkez, Ron P.D. Brandt, Sarah Glidden, as well as many other fine cartoonists. The theme that Brandon gave us to work from was 'Nowhere to go but up', and this was my very loose interpretation...

I only have a few copies for myself, but if your interested in getting a copy of Ditmas#2, send me an email, and I'll let Brandon know.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Daniel...Daniel Johnston, Where Are You?

JAMES - the great Daniel Johnston is coming to Asheville. i was asked to do a poster, but with a quick turnaround. 11x17 color. so i kinda immersed myself in his songs and his drawings, and sketched out ALOT of poster ideas. they all had some cool parts to them, but none ever hit as a whole. this was the final idea i came up with, and i super happy with it. it has all the best elements from the previous ideas, yet it's the most simple and direct. actually, i'm pretty proud of this one.
i used Yellow acrylic; white, red and black inks; and one black and one red marker; on white Rives BFK paper. and a little photoshop to clean up the white thought-bubble (there was a situation with the white ink not making friend with the acrylic paint under it).

detail shot

Monday, June 9, 2008

Maze of Torment

JAMES - Continuing the series of posters for the Local Showcase shows at the Orange Peel here in Asheville, this time HEAVY METAL SHOW! the only instructions were "make it Metal." done. i threw on Morbid Angel's "Altars of Madness" and got to work.

detail shot
i did ALOT of research on the dragons, and these guys are a nice combination of my favorite dragon features. mad tedious on the scales, but the dry brush totally saved it. i got this new kinda white-out ink on a recommendation from the Trade Secrets blog, and it came in handy too. the dragons are 90% done in marker, the demon head 90% brush. it probably woulda been a little cooler if i used a nib instead of the marker, but it woulda taken too long, and i was already hours deep into it. the text was all done on separate paper, scanned separately, and put into place in photoshop. everyone's psyched, and so am i - so glad to have an excuse to do something like this. the club set up a myspace page specifically for these local showcases, and all the posters are up there. they look great together. come on down if you're in town - see youse there.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Play With Yourself!

TOM - Here's a quick post. A new one for New York Press. It's about a couple that discovers they enjoy mutual masturbation... The tricky part was to keep it PG-13, the fun part was drawing the icons in the background.