Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up

TOM - Here are some recent illustrations I have yet to post, I figured I might as well throw 'em all up in one big post. Above is this weeks New York Press illo. The author recalls his gonorrhea out break while hiking through the woods. He describes the sensation like a caterpillar crawling around in his pants. Yikes.

Here was one for Time Out New York about a month ago. Girls, don't try to replace your boyfriends expensive coffee with the cheap stuff, he'll taste the difference.
Another for New York Press a few weeks back. What happens when you date someone hotter than you?
And finally, yet another for the New York Press. S&M parties apparently actually exist.
Speaking of New York Press, I have recently become the regular illustrator for the 'Flavor of the week' section., so for those of you in the New York City area, check it out weekly for more sexy drawings by yours truly.


Edwin Vazkez said...

There they go. I was wondering about the posts. I have been seeing them in print form.

I am not that crazy or at all of your last image. I like that you are experimenting with textures but the color halftone is a bit distracting from your line art. It doesn't need it. You're good without it.

It's like a meal spoiled due to over seasoning.

The first image would've looked perfect if the leaves were just white.

Don't fuck it, make love to it.

thomas pitilli said...

But Fucking is much more fun...

I agree about the last image, I could have done without that one myself, but I chalk it up to progress with experimenting. I happen to like incorporating the halftone in my work when needed, also most of these are printed on newsprint, so it gives it a nice touch when it's printed.

Edwin Vazkez said...

Ha, I agree...but you know what I mean.

You fuck a toothless whore on a drunken friday night, You make love when you actually care.


H. Stewart said...

Congrats on the new post. I like the top two, especially.

H. Stewart said...

I mean, congrats on your weekly position at NY Press. I realize "post" sounds confusing, thanks to blogosphere lingo...

james flames said...

they look great, tho i think the coffee one and the mirror one are definitely best. not too crazy bout the s&m one, but it's definitely a cool experiment.

one thing: i noticed you didn't sign all of them - maybe you forgot with the quick deadlines, but it's probably a good idea anyway. you never know how someone may see them out of context (ie: not in the magazine with the credit next to it) and then not know who did them.