Thursday, July 10, 2008


TOM - I think this is what it looks like inside my head sometimes...


Edwin Vazkez said...

Wow, cool. I like it. A bit muddy but you can use the line art to a lot of different subjects.

What I like is the energy that is absent in most of your illustrations. Very composed and stiff. The computer zipper tone doesn't help. What do I have to do to convince you away from computer aided textures?!

Zipper tone has a certain finesse and art to it that either you hit it or miss it. An artist to cover up a bad illustration with color to make it good rather than have the weight of it just being a good illustration. Decorations to distract. YOU DON'T NEED IT, you are not this.

Could you put the original line art alongside with this image?

Let go of trying to make this logical. It has energy with textures but push it more with the figures.

thomas pitilli said...

This was just a sketch book piece that I threw into Photoshop and fucked around with. About the whole Zipper Tone thing, I don't necessarily feel as strongly against it as you do. I think that any texture whether "real" or computer can be used as either a tacky distraction or an improvement to a piece of art, it's all in the way it's used. With that being said, I literally just slapped ink and paint on the paper and then slapped on some Photoshop, it was more of just a way for me to relax and have fun than anything else. I might take this idea to another level where I will then of course finesse the drawing and the color application much more.
I also don't feel that taking the logic out of this would make it any better. Even the most non logical, abstract pieces are created with logic. Art without logic is bad art. The Budweiser ads on the train are made without logic, and they're terrible.

james flames said...

i love stream of consciousness stuff, and since you don't normally post stuff like that, i love this even more. it feels good to do stuff like this, no?

i'm too shot right now to add my two cents into the "logic/art/zipatone" discussion, sorry. i'd probably get too far into it anyway, haha. how about art is good - let's make some.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't believe in taking a side in all logical art being good or bad, illogical art being good or bad.

I also never said that it would make it better if you take out the logic. Just an idea thrown in for experimentation.

It's just art.

What I meant in terms of logical was not the sense of what it is trying to say but rather letting the line art bleed into each other forms (overlap) as the texture and colors.

The zippertone thing I feel strongly against because of what I said 'it has a finesse to it that either you hit or miss it'. I try to incorporate it in my work but a lot of time I miss it because I do not understand the basics that were used traditionally. (This is personal) When I let the computer take care of the color halftone I lose something and it feels dumb. I have been looking at old comic strips where they actually knew what colors to place next to to create those beautiful halftones and they are amazing.

Almost like the math student who suddenly began using the calculator. The brain doesn't get exercised anymore and gets lazy.

There are a lot of artists that use computer zippertone that work perfectly. I've heard some speak and they break a code in the computer that allows them to control the machine rather than the opposite.

I know I know, it's just a sketch but to me why value the 'high' art to the 'sketch'. It's all art.

I think the piece is great, I love the way it all settles in. The characters and their emotion. It is just hard to see your line that is a huge selling point in your work.

Yes relax, have fun. I do the same too, I love to get critiqued hard on awful and good stuff.

I did say I liked it.

thomas pitilli said...

I feel ya. It's all gravy, baby.

Edwin Vazkez said...

I just realized on blogs, you know that 'RSS' next to the address? If you click on that an email will be sent to you automatically when an update is made.


james flames said...

uh, where's the "rss" - i don't see it. am i retarded? (the second question doesn't require an answer)