Monday, January 15, 2007

Drive Thru!

TOM- So here is a Pin Up drawing that i did over Christmas
break. I'm very unsatisfied with the way it came out. I've had this whole
' drive thru' concept in my head for a while but for some reason, i just can't get it to work. I feel like it's the composition on this one that is giving me the trouble. The placement of that drive thru sign is killing me, it's kind of just floating there. Also, i was trying to get across a Gil Elvgren kind of feel, but realized that's alot harder than i might have thought. Any help or suggestions would be great, i would like to eventually make this a more polished illustration.


james flames said...

yeah, i think you're right - it is the composition. first there's too much space without anything in it, so i'd say get a ton of reference to make it look like they're in a drive thru without having to have the words "drive thru" there. i'd also suggest stronger shadow use, like in the 'cavegirls' illo you did - especially on the car in the background..
also, personally, i'd crop in real close on the waitress broad - judging by the size relationship you have, she is in front of the car considerably. but the line weight and shadows don't emphasize that. nor does the perspective of her feet to the bottom of the car. i'd make her bigger and also a bit more naughty, her pose is a bit stiff in the legs.
lastly i don't think the clouds fit in - it's a drive thru, nobody notices clouds and stars. there's too much neon and commotion for that.
i dig the drive thru concept tho. and i think your style goes nicely with it, so i hope you stick with it.

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks fr the tips. I totally agree with you. One of these days i'll get the whole 'drive thru' idea down. As fr now, i'll chalk this one up to a study.

steo said...

I think eating mini wannabe burgers everyday is messing with your brain cells.hehehe.....two burgers and two milkshakes within inches of each other....I want to go to this drive thru cause it looks like its in space..
btw the guy in the car has your jacket.hmmmm....

H. Stewart said...

Make the car bigger.