Sunday, February 4, 2007


TOM- Here's a comic I did a few months ago. Alot of times when i make comics, i get super intimidated by the idea of committing to a story, keeping the artwork consistent, and keeping myself interested. My former instructor, Jessica Abel got me into the idea of doing sketch book comics. There fun for me because i can get my ideas down, say whatever i want and technically nobody ever has to see them, so the pressure is off. And just like any kind of sketch, if you like it and see something interesting in it, you could always take it further and make it a more refined piece. This was sort of a 'stream of consciousness' kind of exercise that i did just to get the ideas flowing, in other words, i had no idea what to write about. What i do with most of these kinds of comics is draw whatever comes to my mind in the first panel with no idea of a story at all and then just take it from there. It's kind of like doing a 'jam comic', but with yourself. The story itself doesn't really make any sense at all but I find that one of the things sketch book comics are useful for is keeping me familiar with the format of comics, trying to find interesting things to do inside those tiny little boxes can sometimes be the hardest thing to do and often drives me crazy.


james flames said...

this kid! jesus, i love it. i remember when you first showed me the sketch to this. i'm assuming this is a revised/polished version and not the one i saw. looks like flux feely - 'member him?

i, too, dig the 'stream of consciousness' comics - i think you should post more. panel 2 is sick, and would make a great illustration or something. it's got a very 'raymond pettibon' vibe.


H. Stewart said...

I agree with James, I really like it. Your commentary is always so self-deprecating ("the story itself doesn't really make any sense at all"--of course it does, and best of all it tells it, mostly, through images and not text. That last panel's hilarious.)