Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Promo Piece!

TOM- The assignment for one of my classes is to create two illustrations that can be used as promo pieces. The idea was to draw whatever you like, just as long as it is a true representation of the kind of work you would like to be hired to do. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that i really like to draw hot chicks. So, i started sketching and came up with this quick sketch, a chick painting tattoo's on herself. Cool idea, i thought. I showed it to my instructor and she quickly informed me that there was absolutely no concept behind it! She encouraged me to rethink it and perhaps add some background that would push the idea a little further.

I liked the whole tattooing idea and wanted to keep the pose, so i just put her in an environment that made a little more sense. Now she's at a construction site using the paint that's already there and putting on a show for the guys. Like i said in a previous post, I've been looking at alot of pin-up art lately and been loving how ridiculous and silly alot of there concepts are, yet it's there execution and attention to detail that makes it all.
I inked it. I made the guys in the background a little bigger than in the pencils and added more detail to the room.
And here's the color! I spent close to eleven hours coloring this today. I really tried to take my time and play with warm and cool colors as well as add some fancy touches to it. I would talk more about it, but I'm ready to pass out, it's almost 2 in the morning and i have to get up for work in the morning...Lt me know what you think (anybody?) Should i send this out as a promo piece? Peace Out.


H. Stewart said...

Eleven hours for coloring seems like a lot of time, but apparently was well worth it because the color looks great. I especially like the men in the background, the guy painting his friend but especially the man attempting to fly. Whether it's an appropriate promo piece, I don't know. It certainly exhibits your talent, but does anyone still hire people to draw hot chicks?

james flames said...

i already told you - this is amazing. the brush / ink work alone is killer. the coloring is way past anything i could even imagine how you did. as always, the best part of most of your stuff is the expressions on people's faces - and those guys in the back are great - you have a good eye for shit like that. that's why you can imitate people so well.

you should send me this as a 600dpi psd and i'll print it right away. what's the size?
send it now! (put it on the ftp)

do it.