Thursday, February 15, 2007


TOM- Here's a silkscreen print I did the other day. I'm working on an accordion book for my class( which i will post as soon as it's done) and when I was printing the cover, i had more room left on my screen so i took this drawing that i did in my sketchbook and burned it on to the screen. I was using a gold ink for my cover and figured i would just use the rest on this image. It turned out kind of subtle looking against the white paper which i kinda like. I did another separation for it which acts as a lighting effect but didn't have the time to print it just yet. So it's kind of a work in progress but i figured I'd share it. Peace Out!


james flames said...

i love everything about it - the pose and expressions (always my favorite part of your drawings), the way alot of the lines are left open, even the color. very 'darwyn cooke', if i may say so (and i may). that's a tight print, too. i really like this whole boxer thing - i'm gonna get you're other thing up very soon.

H. Stewart said...

Tom, I love it, too.