Wednesday, February 28, 2007


TOM- Here's another boxing drawing. I'm just really into boxing as a theme for most of the art that i have been working on in the past few months, we'll see where it goes, maybe i can collect them and make a book, who knows. This one was done for the same class as the previous post. I was in a complete rush and had to do it all the night before. I started at about 8 and ended around 2. Its kind of nice completing a drawing in one sitting, 'cause it's something i rarely do. This one could have totally been better if i had spent more time on it and maybe gave it an extra day, but i like the fact that i didn't second guess too much, but just went with it instead. I do want to use this to experiement with color on. More boxing drawings on the way! ( whether you like it or not.) Peace.


james flames said...

well i definitely like it, but i have to say honestly that it does look like you maybe rushed it. it's nice and loose like all your best stuff, but some minor things just don't translate as well - mainly the fact that it's the guy on the right's punch that sent the other guy skyward. i think the missing thing there are some motion lines to show the trail or the puncher's arm. also if you make his boxing glove slightly bigger so it covers his chin, it'll look like it's coming out more.
i love the light trails and the brush work to show it's shine. killer. i don't think you need the halo aroun the sky-high boxer's arm/glove. and i don't know if you remember in that Klaus Jansen book, but he mentions how you should never end a brush stroke before the boarder, cuz it winds up looking like the sky-high boxer's torso. make those lines look like they continue past the boarder and i think that makes a big difference.
a little picky i know. sorry. i like it and i think it can be even better. maybe if you have more time, try it again even (yeah, right - like when are you gonna have some extra time? june? ha!). nice composition too. you ever think about adding a grey tone or a slight wash? might be nice for the noir-ish boxing style you got.
oh and as soon as i get these silkscreens done, i'll scan that boxer pic i have. sorry, but it's a mess in here right now! i'll send pics pronto.

H. Stewart said...

I thought the guy on the right's punch didn't connect because the guy he was trying to hit was being raptured.

Honestly. You should do more boxers-going-to-heaven drawings.

steo heart said...

Punch me.. I dare you...triple double dog dare you. hehe. I like the static looking lines that surround the figures.