Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Winnah!

JAMES (for TOM) - this is an illustration Tom did for me, i guess as a going away gift. It means alot to me, both artistically and sentimentally, and i've promised to post it for Tom for awhile now. It's nice and big (18x24-ish) and i'm about to take it to get framed, hang it in the studio, and draw inspiration from it. I'll refrain from getting into details, since Tom should really be the one to do that - so Tom, feel free to edit this post and add your two cents. (by the way, i'll email you a bigger version)


H. Stewart said...

Tom, a big word for boxer is "pugilist", just thought you'd want to know. Love the spotlight composition, the spittle, and the mopey face of the cornerman. (And the requisite hot chick.) One day you will be remembered for your boxing illustrations, I think, if nothing else.

"Oh yeah he's the guy who drew at those pugilists, right?"

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks man. "The Puglist" sounds like a good title for the story i'm working on, if it ever gets finished. Thanks.