Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh no, Tombies!!!

TOM- So this is how I spent my Saturday. Getting turned into a Zombie by the special affects make -up extraordinaire, Jenai Chin. These photos were done for her promotional postcards for Halloween. If your looking for some cool make-up during Halloween, be sure to contact her. And if your looking to scare the shit out of some little kids, give me a call.Thats all for now, more drawings coming very soon!!!


H. Stewart said...

"...and if you'RE looking to scare..."


Otherwise, she does good work. You look like a real zombie...if zombies were real.

james flames said...

wait...zombies aren't real?

when i pulled up the page i literally flinched - that's just AMAZING. man, she's really good. her website has some cool shit on it.
how long did that take? did you ride home on the subway like that? did you go out like that? that'd be so cool. have fun with the spider bags tonite. peace.

steoadmirer said...

Eww.What happen to you?? You use to be so cute.
your secret admirer