Wednesday, September 5, 2007


TOM- Here is page one of a two page story entitled "Perfect". The story will be featured in a new anthology created by Edowyn Vazkez called Ka-Blam-O. On top of there being four other great artists featured, the book will be COMPLETELY SILK SCREENED in a two color process! I'm excited to see what it's gonna look like when all is said and done, which should be this winter. I am really having alot of fun working on this. I feel like i'm piecing ideas and design elements that i've had in my head for a while and are now finally coming out. A big inspiration for the layout, especially the first panel, was Archie comics. Just the way they always have that big introduction panel with the title and everything gives it a kind of built in cover which I always loved.
Real quick: here is my pencils. I'm still trying to figure out how tight or loose i need to go with my pencils. This seemed like it worked, just enough info for me to start inking and figure shit out along the way. I inked it with a #2 series 7 W&n brush, some nib, and some pens. Next page coming soon!


james flames said...

holy shit dude - every little thing about it is...well, perfect. it flows so well, and the inks are AMAZING. i'm especially impressed with how loose the pencils are compared to the tightness of the inks. did you do any more rendering with the pencil before you went to inks? like all the detail behind the 'frankenstein' guy, and the folds in the blanket by his legs - did you just go for it with the inks?
the story is great too, so far. along with "jan" and the archie story you did, you're really developing a smooth narrative - it feels very comfortable to me, as a reader (i think alot of it is influenced by actual Archie stuff, and i think that style is generally 'perfect'). the whole writing aspect of it is something i just have no idea about, so i'm very in awe of it. the word balloon around "he lives" is incredible. and no spelling/grammar mistakes!

anyway, can't wait to see the next page. and are you adding another color for the silkscreen version?

james flames said...

one very VERY tiny the first panel, on her hand with the thumb pointing: i think if you added a tiny bit of her elbow showing below the glove, it might help that whole glove pop out a bit. to me it just feels like something is missing below the glove.

but that's me being super nitpicky - and it probably doesn't make a difference. but the rest of it is literally PERFECT.

james flames said...

actually one more comment/compliment - if you squint your eyes and look at it, your black placement is so nice and really helps the eye float properly, and it frames the page very well - almost in a symmetrical way.

good job on that too. i just really love this thing.

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks alot man. Yeah, i'm realizing that the "Archie approach" to writing a story is much more effective and to the point, rather than something that comes off feeling a little pretentious or unnecessary. As far as the pencils to the inks, the penciled page that I posted is about when i started inking. I inked whatever was ready, ( the figures and some backgrounds like in panels four and five.)then after that, i reworked anything that was left, it just made it easier to see when certain things were already inked. I don't know if thats the smartest way of doing it, but for me after a while if i pencil for too long it starts to look like one big gray mess and i get confused.

H. Stewart said...

I like the first frame, very Sunday comics sectiony...or, like Archie. It's good to see you using a tried-and-true approach to storytelling, though modernizing it and adapting it to your own needs. Kill your idols but save their blood. And the idea of creating a perfect man has a nice allegory in the efforts of the artist. (Let James worry about pencils, I'll worry about story.) :)

I especially enjoyed the self-effacing cameo.