Friday, June 8, 2007

Ugly Mug

Tom- With Mocca coming up, me and Edowyn decided that our portrait promo book should have illustrated portraits of ourselves on the cover, just to keep it consistent, and more of a reason to ask two bucks for it. So this is supposed to be me. In terms of the likeness, i tried to break it down to the basics, big nose and little body. As usual, let me know if it works, doesn't work, or just plain ol' sucks. Peace.


steo said...

I like the little hairs sticking out of your do!! your Pompadour do, that is. It adds character. I always have to talk about the hair becasse I always love the texture you add when coloring it or inking it. oh and thank you so much for the book!! Its super cool and now its part of my collection. Where's blueprint???

james flames said...

dude it's perfect - looks just like you. actually, i didn't notice the pencil at first, so originlly it looked to me like you were pawing at the air, which goes great with the expression on your face. also, i think the 'pixelation' coloring thing you've been doing is the most effective here, as opposed to some of the others you were doing (not that i don't like them, but this one seems the least conspicuous and more seemless).

H. Stewart said...

That's so spot-on it's creepy! At first it looked like you were drawing yourself as trapped inside a piece of paper, looking on my monitor as though you're stuck in my computer, pushing against the screen. Even though I quickly noticed the pencil, it continues to frighten me.