Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sketchbook Part 2

TOM- Went to visit James in North Carolina this past week and did a few sketches in my book while i was there. Nothing really special, but often times i prefer quick sketches over photagraphs in terms of capturing a moment. Most of these are of my other brother darren who went down with me. Me and James finally got a chance to work on a jam drawing together, which we will post as soon a s I color it.

As for new finished work, it's going to start getting busy now preparing for MOCCA and updating my portfolio as much as possible. In the mean time, i'm keeping up with my sketchbook comics, just to get the juices flowing. Heres one that i did a couple of weeks ago, mostly on the train. Again, i try not to go into any of these with any expectations or set idea. I just draw a panel, then take it from there.

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james flames said...

first off, it was REALLY great having you guys around. i had such a nice time, and i really hope you come back soon. i agree that sketches work better than photographs in terms of remeberances of a time and place, and i think the ones you posted reflect the mood and feel of the whole visit very well.

the comic is something, too (although i already told you that). that's the only way that i've been drawing strips recently - starting with panel one, and just going from there. of course with what little i know, it doesn't really go far, or turn into an actual cohesive or interesting story (see my "rookie's delight"), as opposed to the ones you do. even the looseness of the language/spelling/grammar adds to the light and honest feel of it. good job as always. it was great to see your work in person again - it always impresses me and makes me want to go use my brush!