Tuesday, May 8, 2007


TOM- So i've been done with school and my gallery job now for over a week and finally got a chance to relax, drink, and not have to worry about anything that has to be due for school. I'm allowing myself about a week or two more of this and then will sober up and face the fact that i'm an unemployed college grad and the hustle for work will begin! In the mean time, to keep on my toes artistically, i've been drawing as much as possible in my sketchbooks doing life drawings and sketchbook comics, just drawing whatever comes to my head. This is a quick one i did the other day.


james flames said...

it's really....cute. seriously. the body laguage of the guy in the beginning along with the bubble gun is really endearing. the language adds to that. and the usage of the space of the book seems very natural - in a way that everyone else who looks at it would say "ohhhhh, now why didn't i think of that".

plus that looks like a cool book. i'll have to visit NY central when i'm there and get me a cool book too.

H. Stewart said...

Yeah I enjoy the narrative flow and lack of panels. Good adaption of the book's provided space.

You showed me this the other day, I liked it then as I like it now. That caped tyke will be a good alter-ego for you to explore. James is right, it's cute...and cute sells, kid. Ever think about doing a series about, like, the adorable romps of a kitten?

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