Monday, April 23, 2007


TOM- Here's another portrait from that promo book. Elvis has probly been one of the hardest to do in terms of getting the likeness down. I thought it would be fairly easy at first, just some dark eyes, a curved up lip, and big hair, but there is alot more to it. He's such a specific looking guy, with such a recognizable face, that one wrong line could really fuck up the whole thing. So i leave it to you to tell me if i've a good job or not. Again, it really does take a few months for me to be able to look at my drawings with a fresh pair of eyes. By the way, this one was done with a #2 brush on typing paper(couldn't get it to transfer on to bristol and keep it true to the original sketch, so i just inked the sketch) And colored in Photoshop. Peace out.


steo said...

that looks cool....seriously....only thing i have to say is the shadow looks a little dark....more like his skin color is changing......but the hair is amazing.......I really love this one....keep going with the portraits...they keep getting better and better...laterz

H. Stewart said...

The likeness is pretty good, I like this one a lot. Elvis definitely has a iconic face (as the back of "1" shows just his nose & lips are instantly recognizeable), but I think that also means that even if you muck it up a little people will still know what you're going for, which isn't the case for someone more obscure like Morrissey. Anyway, looks good!

james flames said...

i think tom is the king.
really tho, the likeness is pretty dead on, while still maintaining your style. if you went further into your style, you mike lose the likeness, and if you went further into exacting his face, you'd lose all sense of tom. good job.

yet another piece i'd love a scan of so i can print and hang it....but, y'know, i'm still like waiting for that archie thing.....(nudge nudge wink wink)