Saturday, June 9, 2007

The New Lows

Tom- Real quick- this is a poster i did for Darrens band The New Lows. He needed it by today, so i whipped this up last night in pencil and finished the rest today. Check out the show if you can make it, its some good LOUD rock. Peace.


james flames said...

so some honest critcism...

it's kind of hard to get away with having a little kid AND an ice cream cone in a gig poster for a hard rock band. the hot chick definitely helps even it out, but i'm not even sure i understand the concept behind the two characters.

obviously, the poster was given a comic-book panel type feel to it, which i always think is cool. but for those types of posters the way you want to approach it is like this: think of an entire comic book, and pick out the 1 most exciting and graphically interesting panel, and use that for your poster.

lastly, there's way too much negative space that just seems to be left out, rather than blank on purpose.

i know this was just a favor, and a rush job and all that - so no sweat. i only offer advise cuz this is something i actually know a little about, and cuz i think you'd make a great poster designer if you really got into it. sorry if i was too harsh.

thomas pitilli said...

Yeah, it pretty much was a rush job, did the majority of it in one sitting. I decided since it needed to be done that day, i wasn't gonna get too fancy with something i don't really know too much about. In terms of space, the final size is small, more of a flyer than a poster. i fit two of these on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, so i just went for basic text on one side, image on the other. Honestly, i wasn't going for a comic panel feel in this one, but i like yr suggestion about picking a really exciting panel, gonna keep that in mind for the future. I'm not opposed to doing concert posters in the future, but it's definitely alot harder than it looks.

H. Stewart said...

The image looks good, although James is right I don't know if it really says, "come see rock n' roll at Southpaw." My biggest hang-up with the poster is the text; maybe I just don't like your handwriting. :)

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