Saturday, June 16, 2007


TOM- Heres a silkscreen i did yesterday. Planning on selling this one along with some other prints/comics at Mocca this coming weekend. It's a three color print and hopefully i could get another run of these with a different color scheme done this week. Keep you posted!


james flames said...

i fucking love every bit of it!

if you don't save me one of these, i'll chop your head off.

so what size is it? any other info on your process? some photos from the silk screening room perhaps? gimme gimme gimme

and, pertaining to your previous post - with some clever text placement, this is a killer gig poster! great job all around. if you price them right, i bet you sell all of them (how many are you printing?)

H. Stewart said...

Haha, I love it! I like the color scheme too so I'd say don't bother changing it, although for all I know you'll just do something unexpectedly better.

Jon Sperry said...


great job dude.