Monday, October 11, 2010

Retro Couple

TOM - This is a new drawing I worked on in between other assignments over the course of the last week. It started with a rough idea I had floating around in my head for a while, an image of a couple sort of interlocked, while looking in separate directions. I knew I wanted to incorporate some elements that I have been playing around with drawing lately, such as different types of clothing with various textures and patterns, big hair, and an overall 60's rock and roll type of vibe.
I started sketching with these ideas in mind. I was happy with the way the woman's body was positioned, but I felt like the guy needed alot more work and that there needed to be more interaction between the two of them in general. So, I photocopied the image and traced the rough onto a sheet of Bristol, trying to build it up as I traced.

I worked and reworked the hell out of it, but once I was happy with the pencils, I slapped some ink on it and above is what the original black and white turned out looking like. It's smudgy and I used alot of pencil as a way to add texture and also the pattern on both their shirts. I didn't want this one to be too slick, I've been trying to find a happy medium between clean brush work and the softness of pencil and dry brush. Not quite there yet, but I hope I'm headed in the right direction.
Either way, I had a lot of fun! Thanks for reading and Happy Monday!

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Edwin Vazquez said...

Love the sketch... Love the guys hair in the final... awesome