Monday, May 18, 2009

Morning Joe

TOM - Anybody know this guy, Joe Scarborough? He's got a show on MSNBC called Morning Joe, I watch it online 'cause I don't have cable. It's weird because I really don't like him as a person and I disagree with most of his views, but for some reason I really like the show, it's entertaining and a real conversational way to get your news. He's got one of those jerk faces though that I can't stand, so I was compelled to draw it. If anybody knows who he is, let me know if you think it looks like him.


james flames said...

yeah, i know Morning Joe (though i'm not usually awake yet when it's on), and you're right - he a total douche. even if you don't know the show, you can take one look at his face and figure out that he's pretty douchey.
once again, you totally nailed it. i really like these more loose portraits - between this and the Charlie Rose, it feels like you've not only captured the way they look, but the way you use the lines and the composition, you've captured the way they MOVE.
very cool.

H. Stewart said...

Oh, you mean "Starbucks Presents Morning Joe"?

You definitely captured his essence...though isn't he a bit chubbier?

alex fine illustration said...

Definitely captured his jerk face. I think it looks like him. Also the energy of the lines makes his expression come to life like you can tell what his face looked like before the smirk.