Monday, May 11, 2009


TOM- Wow, long time no post!
I've been doing these little portraits of random celebs lately in my sketchbook, try to do one about everyday. I'm not going for the pop stars or movie stars (at least not yet) but rather people that for whatever reason interest me in some way. So far it's been mainly TV broadcast people. Here's the man, mister Charlie Rose. I love this guy. His show is probably one of the best on TV and anybody that is involved in time consuming activities (such as making art) should really check out his website and pull up one of the hundreds of interviews he's done over the many years and just listen while you work. I guarantee you will be thoroughly entertained as well as inspired. I personally recommend his interviews with writers and chefs, but there's a shit load of topics that he covers. He's truly a curious dude, he asks the questions you want answered!


james flames said...

this is so perfect. might be one of my favorites of yours, and definitely my favorite of your portraits.
the looseness of the lines and the coloring really makes this. great job.

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks dude!