Monday, September 12, 2011

Seattle Met Fall Arts Preview

TOM- I recently got a chance to work together again with Seattle Met for their September issue. I was asked to illustrate the full page opening for their Fall Arts Preview. It was a really cool gig and fun to work on. The AD, Chris left it really open and gave me pretty much free reign on coming up with an idea, which I was really excited about. The motive was to somehow incorporate all the areas of the arts that the preview would cover; dance, fine arts, music, literature.

They originally had a rough concept of a ballerina, which I thought was pretty interesting and decided to try and play with that idea in my sketching process. Above is some of my brainstorming, trying to keep it as feminine as possible, but also graphic and exciting enough for a full page opener.

They decided to go with the third sketch, which I was pretty excited to draw. Here's a look at that idea a little more fleshed out, brought to a rough pencil stage.

I tightened the pencils up a bit more and inked it with a #2 synthetic brush on Bristol.  My old and trusty electric guitar served as my model for this particular guitar (and most electric guitars that I draw).

And here's a look at how it all came together in the end. Chris hooked it up with a nice type treatment and the print version came out looking really great. Always great working with Seattle Met.

Don't let this post fool you, Fall is not here yet! We still got a couple weeks left of summer, enjoy it! As always, thanks for reading.

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