Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dia de los Muertos

TOM - Here is my contribution to a group show I was asked to be a part of, the theme being 'Dia De Los Muertos'. This piece along with several other artists work will be on display in Portland, OR at The Screaming Sky Gallery September 29 - October 23rd. If you're in the area, go check out the opening this Thursday!

Here's a quick look at my process for creating this piece. As always, it started off with a pretty rough sketch. I knew I wanted some sort of graffiti theme and after skateboarding all summer, I wanted to incorporate a skateboard in the mix somehow. Anyway, there was enough info in this sketch for me to get excited and want to add to more to it.

I brought it to a level of detail that I was happy with in the inking stage. I had fun trying to mimic the 'spray paint' look of the skull. I used dry brush to long continuous strokes, much like someone who's actually spray painting might approach it. The pattern on her sweater was inspired by patterns I've seen in an old Mexican pin-up book, Mexican art continues to blow my mind and inspire me.

Above is the flyer for the show with some of the details. If you're interested, the color print of this piece will be for sale at the gallery and the original black and white drawing will also be for sale(just not on display).

Thanks for reading!

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