Friday, August 6, 2010

'The Stranger' Illustration

TOM - This week, I got the opportunity to create an illustration for The Stranger, an awesome newspaper based in Seattle. The article is about a summer camp for non-traditional families, in this particular case, poly families, a family where the mom and dad have multiple partners. The AD, Aaron asked if I could illustrate a typical, happy summer camp image, except for the fact that the canoes are stuffed full of these multiple-parent families.
Here is the sketch that Aaron chose, it was the one I felt the most strongly about also, so I was glad he picked it.

As far as the inked drawing went, it was inked with a synthetic Princeton #1 brush and black indian ink on bristol. I kept the drawing very open with little to no shading at all because I wanted to expeiriment with color, adding light, shading and mood.

I'm happy with how the final page came out and I had a fun time working on this, thanks, Aaron! Read the full article here.
On a side note, the show I'm in in Philadelphia, 'Wired and Hazy' is still up until the end of the month, be sure to check it out at SALT Gallery if you're in Philly!


james flames said...

Great job man - the line wights are so key and you nailed them. I love the palette too - extremely consistent and well thought out. What a crazy story! People actually do that?!

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks man! Yeah, they sound like pretty funky families, for sure...