Monday, July 5, 2010

Wired and Hazy Opening!

TOM- I had a great time this past Friday at the opening of 'Wired and Hazy' at Salt Gallery in Philadelphia. The First Friday celebration was in full swing and it was cool to get a chance to be involved in it. Thanks to all that stopped by, it was great meeting some local Philadelphia artists, it was also awesome to finally meet, Reseca (the AD over at Philadelphia City Paper) in person! Thanks to Matt Cavanaugh, a Philly based illustrator who took some great pics of the night, including the one at the top of this post. Mike Veneziale did a great job showcasing all the different artists work.
Philadelphia Weekly had a nice review of the show, and I was flattered to have been mentioned in it:
"While summer is still new and we haven’t yet remembered that Philadelphia gets pretty damn stinky when the temperature rises to about 90 degrees, embrace the season with SALT Art Gallery’s “Summer Show.” Owner and curator Mike Veneziale conceived the show as an opportunity to have artists use varying media to capture the essence of the summer heat. “I gave them this concept of giving their work a hazy, strung-out, dream-like motif,” says Veneziale. “I suggested the artists to work in an extremely hot (temperature wise) environment and encouraged the use of speed pills, coconut rum and suntan lotion on a daily basis.” Featuring five artists, including local sculptor Jill Allen, “Wired & Hazy” goes up this Friday. It’s worth checking out, particularly for Brooklyn illustrator Thomas Pitilli’s gorgeous black and white drawings. You might recall Pitilli’s recent work on the cover of City Paper’s agriculture issue. We won’t hold it against him." (Erica Palan)

Oh, and on a side note, 'The Flying Pitilli Bros." got a nice little mention on the website, Lost At E Minor recently!

All in all, it was a great week which ended appropriately with fireworks yesterday. A bunch of new and exciting projects in the works which I can't wait to post! Until then, thanks for reading and take care!


james flames said...

Oh man, that looks so awesome. It's amazing how those blacks stand out. And how the words "Rest" and especially "Hell" just grab you. Great job man, and really, congrats!!

loretta said...

Your work looks so awesome. So happy to read that the Philadelphia Weekly thinks so too. Congratulations! Your work makes me feel so happy. Wonderful! Love Mommy