Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting hot in here...

TOM- Here is an illustration I did for this week. I illustrate a weekly section for them entitled, 'My First Time', people submit stories about how they lost their virginity. For the most part, they're pretty entertaining to read. Over the past year or so, I've used this as an opportunity to experiment with different styles and approaches. Since most of these stories take place during adolescent years, I often approached it with a sweeter, more young adult type style. Recently though, they changed the format of the page a bit and asked if I could make the illustrations even sexier, focusing on the climax of the story and giving it a more adult feel. I'm cool with that, plus the wider format will give me another way of approaching these compositionally, which I'm excited about. Anyway, here's my first crack at the new approach. I included the black and white version as well, it's slightly different than the final.
Look out for some new sexy illustrations at!

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james flames said...

Nice. Good call on blacking out his entire shirt - that really brings it home. Her hair looks great too - nice colors overall. And great expressions as always!