Tuesday, July 21, 2009


TOM - I finally contributed a piece to Covered! I picked one of my favorite Archie covers, come o think of it, one of my favorite comic book covers. I tried to get the essence of the cover while adding my own twist. Check out my Covered post here. Hope I was able to do it some justice.
Here's he original drawn by none other than Dan DeCarlo, one of my all time favorites. God, he's incredible!


alex fine illustration said...

This stays true to the original but I think your composition is even more dynamic.

james flames said...

awesome! your archie and your veronica are so much in your style, but they also stay true to the personalities of the original characters (all amazingly in one drawing, which is kind of the beauty of Archie: how much can be conveyed in a 'one-panel gag').
i also admire how you took a perfect composition and drawing and found another, equally strong way to convey the idea.
and damn, you gots alot of comments on the Covered! blog page.