Monday, June 22, 2009


TOM - Here are some recent illustrations from a weekly gig I've been doing for The feature is called "My First Time" and every week someone submits a piece about how they lost their virginity. They're all really short and to the point, so they're worth checking out. AND, if you have a funny, or somewhat interesting story about how you lost your virginity, send it over to and I'll illustrate it. Yippy! The above image is my favorite so far, it's from week two. I had alot of fun with the guys tattoos. Below are the rest of them.
Week one.

Week three.

This week.


james flames said...

that punk one is great - the way his back and neck are arched really sells the concept. and the look on her face is very sexy.

and the newest one - with the cell phone - is really well-colored. the colors are so unnerving, and combined with the angle, makes the whole thing really work. great job.

H. Stewart said...

yeah I really like the cellphone one; even out of the context of the story, we can all relate. I'm so scared of my cellphone.