Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sketchbook Drawing

TOM - Picked up a new sketchbook last week at NY Art Central. Handmade paper from South India made from recycled cotton rag. The company is Khadi Papers. I'm into the texture of the paper and the way my pens are reacting to it. Here are some sketches I did last week while James was in town. Top one is of my bro Darren watching TV and below are some studies of James that really don't look like him, but I had fun with the ink wash.

Been thinking about doing some portraits of various people in my life, so perhaps these might come in handy sometime soon.


Edwin Vazquez said...

Yeah, the paper reacts well to your brush work. Good example where good art meets quality paper.

H. Stewart said...

You really captured Darren...and after a quick look, I thought the bottom one was James sitting next to some strange man I didn't know.