Thursday, July 14, 2011

Original Reservation

TOM - Lately, I've been experimenting with drawing on different surfaces. I guess it's an attempt on my part to keep things fresh and new, a way to experiment on personal projects, hopefully finding new approaches and techniques that can carry over into my professional work. That's always the goal at least.

Drawing on newspaper seemed like it might be fun. As an editorial illustrator, I've done alot of illustrations for newspapers, but there seemed something interesting about creating my own images on top of an otherwise illustration-less page. The text and newsprint create an interesting texture underneath and could also add an interesting narrative to the illustration.

In this case I chose to create a drawing based on a song by Burning Spear entitled, 'Original Reservation'. The song talks about the early tribes that lived on our land before it was known as The United Sates. I've been wanting to use that song as an inspiration for a drawing for a while now and so I used this experimentation as an excuse. I thought the weather section in the NY Times with the map and all the charts might work as an interesting backdrop/texture, as well as add to the narrative.

Above is a quick look at my process. I coated the newspaper with a thin layer of white paint, then drew the figure directly over it. Threw it into Photoshop to manipulate it a bit, added some color and some text and there you have it.

Hope you dig it! Thanks for reading!

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