Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Tougher Than The Rest'

TOM - I wil be participating in a group show in Philly in early July! Really excited about it because I'm going to be creating all new pieces just for the show, 9 all together. Here is a look at one of the few that I've completed so far. All the pieces will incorporate type along with an image, some of the quotes will be pulled from songs, others will be random phrases that pop into my head. All will be drawn in a bold black and white style that i'm really having fun with. Keep checking in as I will be posting more of these as they get completed. I'll also be posting all the info for the show as it get closer. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!


james flames said...

Nice job man. I totally love this, and psyched to see the rest of what you do for the show.

cherry grenade said...

this is so adorable! (and tough) let me know if it doesn't sell at the show, I think I'll need this!