Thursday, March 4, 2010

Model Drawing

TOM - Here are some high(or low)lights from the last few model drawing sessions I went to. In the past, I used to bring a big ol' pad with my fancy charcoals and watercolors in attempts to make some 'serious' art, now I just throw some random pencils, markers and colored pencils into my bag along with a smaller sketchbook and I've been much happier with the results. I'm having more fun experimenting with the figure and my approach to it, rather than trying to create a finished piece. Thanks for checkin' in!


alex fine illustration said...

I'm the same way about life drawing. I've been just taking a Moleskine and a mechanical pencil and brush pen and it's more comfortable. These look great. I like the touch of color in the middle drawing.

thomas pitilli said...

Thanks, Alex! I would love to see some of your Moleskine stuff one day.