Sunday, February 8, 2009


This one goes out to James. Last month when he came up to visit, i asked him to sit for me so I could sketch a portrait of him. In addition to some of the sketches I drew up, I also took some photo reference. I finally got a chance recently to whip out those photos and tackle this portrait for real. I've been doing more painting lately, so I took this as an opportunity to practice using my acrylics.
This one is of Stephanie that I did using colored inks, black ink and acrylic. This combination is something I want to continue experimenting with.


james flames said...

these are really fantastic. very different than your usual stuff and i like it. keep posting stuff like this. i'm honored to be immortalized in an original Thomas Pitilli illustration.

cherry grenade said...

i LOVE the motion in the hair, they feel so touchable! mmmmhhhh

H. Stewart said...

the inked head on a painted body makes a nice effect. If she weren't puckering up, the wind-blown hair and pupil-less eyes would make her look like an evil ghost from a Japanese movie.