Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Summer Night

TOM - Recently, I was finding myself hitting a bit of an artistic wall. I've been doing alot of art"work" lately, but unfortunately not enough digging through my head late at night to see what I can find, then spewing it out on the page. Last week though, I had one of those nights and over the course of the following couple days, I nursed this image along. I took alot of joy in slowing down and experimenting with drawing techniques, Photoshop coloring, and incorporating type into the piece, which is something I've been fooling around with in my sketchbooks recently. I also allowed myself to loosen up conceptually, resisting the urge to try and create something that would appeal to a certain group of people or potential clients, and rather try and make something that comes as directly from my head and straight on to the paper as I can. Maybe it's the weather starting to get cold here in NYC, or the days getting shorter, but I think this drawing might have something to do with missing the summer. After coloring it though, there's something about the colors and the way the letters turned out that are reminiscent of Christmas, which might have something to do with the unavoidable influence this time of year has on someone, for better or worse.
Here's the black and white version. 'Till next time!


Edwin Vazquez said...

Great colors. I like that you are in the mode of experimenting and not thinking of pleasing a market. What I do think you should try and experiment with is your composition. You tend to give us the back head or side back with ear pictures.

I do like this but your portrait pictures are so great and right on that it is a shame when given the back of heads too much.

And trust me I KNOW about hitting a wall. I just went through one myself right in the beginning of my final thesis year. Talk about biting nails and losing hair.

Let's hang out, I am on vacation, go to museums. It is the best way to get out of a creators rut. Also read read read.

H. Stewart said...

Sounds like someone needs more Tom time. I think one of the dangers of turning something you love to do into a job is that you risk not loving it anymore...or at least losing part of why you loved it in the first place. It's just something to keep in mind...don't burn yourself out for NY Press. Paint a bike.

james flames said...

i like the text, and it's very well drawn. i also like the fact that you took advantage of the fact that we'd recognize the word "summer" by only seeing the first and last letters. tho i do agree that the colors are a little "christmas-y" - they're on the cool side, and warmer colors woulda really drove this home.

but i love the pencil stuff, and the hair looks great. and tho i agree with edwin that you draw great faces, i think you also draw great back-of-heads. tho my only other criticism is that the dark outlines on her ear and arm seem a little too dark, especially compared to the hair.