Thursday, November 13, 2008

CMJ and the Odd Couple

TOM - Just catching up on some New York Press posts. Above is lasts weeks 'Flavor of the Week' illustration about a girl on the hunt for love at the CMJ music marathon which took place here in New York City a few weekes ago.
Then, this weeks is about a rocker chick who gives up on long haired,tattooed guys and falls for a preppy, khaki wearing lawyer.


Edwin Vazquez said...

Wow,that guitar looks real enough to pick out from the screen.


james flames said...

hey, i know that guitar! you still have it! great idea man - and i love the frayed strings with the little metal hairs coming off em.
nice job.

cherry grenade said...

ciao! i absolutely love the watercolor feeling of that guitar! sweeeeeet