Friday, April 25, 2008


TOM - Here is the next piece in my series. My goal is to have each one be different in setting and/or time period, but all share the same theme of girls and flowers. I really got into the graffiti on this one, trying to make it seem like the wall was tagged up by several different artists, then of course tagged over with drawings of beautiful, sensitive flowers.

The black and white was done with a #2 brush and ink for most of it except for the flowers which were done with charcoal. I wanted to have a contrast of textures and style without making it look too busy and chaotic. It certainly was a challenge, but I feel the color helped distinguish all the elements, and making it less one dimensional.

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james flames said...

yo, it's ill!

she looks great, and the tags are cool too. love the flowers, but i have a couple of suggestions. if you somehow made the blacks of the wall not as strong as the black lines outlining the chick. maybe even put a tint on everything on the wall - it'll help create just a little more depth, cuz that shadow does the rest - it makes all the difference between the ink drawing and the color final. great job man. and i like the theme.