Monday, March 3, 2008

The Dating Game

TOM - This is an illustration for this weeks issue of New York Press. It 's a story about this girl who goes on a really bad blind date with this dude from Jersey. She gets all dolled up in a silent movie star style, and he shows up dressed very casually with a baseball cap on, then takes her to dinner at a Chinese take out place. In the article there is a point where she is waiting on the line to order, and to keep from totally walking out, she imagines herself at a fancy dinner by candle light, staring into the eyes of the man of her dreams. That was the inspiration I took to come up with this idea.

Here is the black and white version, and as you can see, I had to make a little change with her expression on the bottom. The art director wanted to make her look more like she was far away in thought. It was a good decision, and I think made it stronger in the end.
Check out the article here.


james flames said...

yeah man, totally good call by the art director.
great great job - the color pallette is so effective, and your brush is soooo lose and sooo smoothe. the picture MOVES.
and, not to mention it's funny too. the jersey guy has quite a personality, for only one drawing.
love it.

Edwin Vazkez said...

This looks cool. I like the colors, idea and execution. Good job.


angry apple user said...

I love it! Especially the girls hair style. So, your off to bed right now and I'm still awake trying to figure this damn ipod. So you know how I was freaking out thinking my NEW ipod was broken. Turns out it's not and I have to install a whole new version OS X! Apparently this generation ipod is not compatible with my version(it will cost over 100 dollars to get that version) I'm officially feed up with mac products! They should just be swiped off the market. There is always something wrong with them. It is not fair. They are a company that takes advantage of their consumers. If technology was going to be this difficult I should of just stayed with a pc(no offense tommy). Sorry I am ranting on your blog about this but I am very much annoyed and am going to demand a refund or something. This thing was so much money to begin with. I feel bad I asked for it as a christmas present. What a waste. Now sleep will be filled with useless giant ipods trying to eat me! Arrrgg. Call me when you get up! Thank you. muah!

happy apple user said...

I think Apple products are great and work fine.