Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time Out New York

TOM - Wow it's been a while since we updated this blog, it's been a bit busy for the both of us, but this month actually marks our one year anniversary of the 'Flying Pitilli Brothers'! Here is a recent project I worked on for Time Out New York. It is an article about investing in NYC, different ways of making money investing in things ranging from real estate to music, to art. There was a VERY tight deadline on this project, but it was fun to tackle these three ideas and try to make them as visually interesting as I could for a topic that could be a bit dry. Check out the issue, as it is on the stands now, or visit it online here.
More regular update to come!

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james flames said...

amazing dude - really. not only are they great illos and compositions (they look especially good when i click on the full size pic), but you did them super fast. great job.

and yeah, between the holidays, a week in miami, and almost more work than i can handle, i've been late on posting. i've got about 4 posts that i'll throw up as soon as i get a second. and i'd love to see the other stuff you;re doing.....