Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time Out!

TOM - I recently did an illustration for Time Out New York. The article was about how to catch a cab in some of New York's worst spots. The basic idea given to me was to illustrate a group of people having no luck getting a cab, and the smart guy who knows all the tricks just around the corner hitting the jackpot. I did several sketches for the AD, and he went with this one, my first idea, pretty straight forward and to the point.
When I started to pencil it, i tried to give the foreground people a bit more personality and desperation, not as relaxed as they seemed in the sketch. Threw in some perspective and detail and... the inks. I inked it with my usual Winsor & Newton #2 series 7 brush on bristol, scanned it, then...
...into photoshop for some color. After a few revisions, this is what came out.
Check out this weeks issue to find out how to catch a cab!


james flames said...

dude - so psyched! it really looks so great, can't wait to see it in print. glad i got to see the original in person..

by the way, i just realized how you could;ve fixed that little splotchy area on the bottom (i know it's too late to fix, but for the future...) - you could use the clone stamp tool! duh. it woulda copied the colors and patterns exactly. holla!

Heather said...

Hot diggity dog. Kudos to your success. Always a fan!

hilary florido said...

truly a champion among champions. i just cannot wait to see this in print!