Friday, August 3, 2007


TOM- In keeping with adding more of a design element to my work, I'm trying to push myself in terms of composition, and not always having to use perspective or alot of people in the scene to make a drawing interesting. In doing that, this to me feels more like a logo or tattoo design.
I wish i could say i just thought of this and put it down on paper, but it wasn't really like that. Like anything else, i have a rough idea, then start scribbling, working, then reworking until it starts to look ok. This is usually done on typing paper and gets pretty messy. I wanted a real clean look to my inks, a little more controlled. With this being simple, i didn't want to add any unnecessary lines to confuse it. The final step was coloring in photoshop . My recent approach to that is to limit my colors and approach it more like a silkscreen, which this might become soon.


james flames said...

yeah man, this is just great. striking and sexy, and unexpected - it hits!

i like the recent color theories you've been applying - sometimes too much really is too much. in this one the white face actually looks like a different color than the white paper, but it's not - which probably means you did a good job.

one thing i notice, is the cropping. i wonder if you specifically cropped this the way it is, or if you just let it lay where it decided to be. personally i would have cropped them way closer, maybe have their feet touch the side edges, and have the top crop high above their heads. but that's my personal 'eye' looking at it, and i also think it's effective how you have it, where the large amount of negative space adds to the shock of the striking image in its center. i'm just wondering if it was deliberate or not.

thomas pitilli said...

Yeah, i wanted to have it just kind of floating on the white, but in the center. I didn't want to crop it anywhere in particular, 'cause i felt it might restrict it and take away from the sensuality of it.