Friday, February 22, 2013

Giveaway Contest! Business Cards from

JAMES - Hi everyone - got a fun one for you! I got some new postcards printed up recently (all orders that shipped out this week will have these inserted in the tube) through this company Very cool people. So cool, in fact, that they offered free business card printing for 3 of my followers! Pretty sweet. Read below for the contest details.

The postcards I got look really good - solid, sharp printing, and nice quality paper, two things that I'm a stickler for. And as you can see from the photo below, the packaging is pretty awesome too. I would totally recommend these guys if you're looking to get some high-quality business cards, postcards, stickers, etc. 

So, for the giveaway: the first 3 people to email me ( a photo of their favorite looking business card will each win a coupon code that will get you 50 classic business cards (a $20 value) printed up  for free. How about that?! 

And one of the cool things about these folks is that if you order, say, 50 business cards, you don't have to use only one image for all the cards. You could literally make 50 different card designs, no extra charge. I dig that for sure.

Hurry and send those emails! As always, thanks for reading, and big thanks to for the offer!! Please do check them out.

Happy weekend!